Biltong box Picture Gallery

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Here are some pictures of my biltong box and some ready made biltong.


A picture of some ready biltong on the hook.

The front of my biltong box.

The front of the open box.

The little black thing at the bottom is the light bulb fitting.

At the top you can see the rails for hanging the biltong on.

In between the bulb fitting and the rails 1/3 from the bottom is the
perforated board.  This must have holes in it to allow the hot air
from the lightbulb to rise through the box and dry the air.  Depending on
how much biltong you make, you may need to replace this from time to time.

Side view of the biltong box.

Notice all the ventilation holes - very important!!

The finished product - sliced and ready to eat